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Below you will find prices of some of the most popular configurations.

17.00 € /mo

0.0236 € /h



1 GB


20 GB

NVMe storage

500 GB


25.00 € /mo

0.0347 € /h



2 GB


50 GB

NVMe storage

1000 GB


56.00 € /mo

0.0778 € /h



8 GB


100 GB

NVMe storage

2000 GB


You can find more configurations in Tavu Cloud dashboard. All prices VAT 0%.

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Additional resources

Additional IPv4 address

5 € / month

Additional traffic

0.08 € / GB


0.072 € / GB / month

Other services

Professional support

100 € / hour

Frequently asked questions

Can I try the service before paying for it?

Yes! We offer all the customers 5 € worth of free credits that you can use to try the service before making any payments. Certain functionalities are however restricted before the first payment to prevent abusive behaviour.

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay using Visa or MasterCard. Additionally, Finnish customers can use Finnish online banks for buying credits in advance. Using credit card you will be automatically charged based on the actual usage.

When am I billed for the services?

Our automatic system gathers usage data every hour after which we deduct the usage from your account balance. If you are paying using credits, we will automatically notify you when you are running out of them. If you are using credit card payments, we will first let you use the service and when the outstanding amount exceeds a maximum threshold or when the time since the last payment exceeds 30 days, we will automatically charge your credit card.

How are the services billed?

Billing for instances and other related services is based on hourly prices. Monthly prices are provided only for easier comparisons and they are approximations assuming a 30 day month. In other words, the exact monthly price varies slightly depending on the length of the month. We only bill you for the hours you’ve used the service, e.g. not for the entire month if the service was not used for the entire month. You can for example use a higher performance server for an hour or two and the higher price will only be billed for the time you were using the better configuration.

Do you bill for inactive services?

As long as we have reserved the resources for you, billing will continue. If you want to stop using the service, you should destroy your servers and other resources. After that, billing will automatically stop if there is nothing to be billed.