Tavu in a nutshell

  • Scalable

    Whether you need a single virtual machine or a complicated infrastucture, Tavu will make it possible. If you needs ever change, you can adjust the capacity and other features at any point.

  • High performance

    You can always be sure your service works optimally thanks to the high performance of your platform.

  • Easy to use

    You will be surprised how easy and powerful a dashboard can be at the same time. Our developers will make sure the dashboard will continuously be improved based on your wishes.

Features for every need

You can a beginner or a guru, you will certainly find the features you need.

Fast deployment

Create a new instance in just a few seconds, anytime.


Create block storage volumes for bigger storage needs. Attach and detach volumes and move them between your servers.

Private networking

Easily setup isolated networks between to connect your servers.

Consolidated invoices

Get billed for all the services on just one invoice.


Using snapshots your can store a perfect image of a server at any point and return to it later.


Manage capacity and other services using our API.

Setup a cloud instance in minutes!

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