Easy and powerful

Amazing performance thanks to modern SSD-technology. Easy-to-use UI guarantees excellent user experience.

Cloud instances starting under 7 € / mo. Try for free with no commitment!

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Fast, scalable and simple

We believe that with the help of our cloud you can create great services with no need to worry about the performance or infrastructure ever again!

Highly scalable

There are numerous ways to utilize our cloud. Whether you want just a single VPS or a complex server infrastructure, our cloud lets you do just that!

For development and production

Our cloud offers you the tools to build your service and also guarantees it a great home for your production environment.

Blazing fast

With the top-of-the-line computing power we offer, you can be sure your service will perform optimally and be highly responsive.

Environmentally friendly

By only using clean wind power and energy efficient servers, we managed to make our cloud extremely green and sustainable.

Powerful API

Automate all of your infrastructure programmatically using our simple but powerful API. Read our API documentation.

Deploy your first cloud instances in minutes

Simple and versatile control panel

We made our control panel as simple as possible while maintaining a rich set of features.

Remote console

Easily access your server like you were actually sitting in front of it.


Don’t waste time rebuilding everything when something has gone wrong. Just simply restore a snapshot of your work.

Resize your instances any time

If the requirements for your instances change, you can upgrade the specifications accordingly with just a few clicks.

Block storage

Easily create block storage volumes for higher storage requirements. Attach and detach volumes and move them between your instances.

Operating systems

Our selection of operating systems allows you to build the environment you want.


Get your own piece of cloud

Sign up for free and get your first instance running only for under 7 € / mo.

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