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Our company consists of a great team of professionals with a solid background in hosting.

Our Story

Tavu Cloud is a service ran by Multim Ltd., a Finnish provider of hosting services with over 10 years of experience in the business. Our goal has always been the delivery of high quality services and high customer satisfaction.

We believe using cloud for hosting your services should require minimal effort from you. Cloud should be extremely easy to use. Users should not waste their valuable time managing the hardware infrastructure nor worrying about their own setup, unless that’s wanted. Our goal is to offer a balance that allows you to do as many things automatically as possible but at the same time giving you the freedom to do things in a more complicated way if that’s desired.

Contact information

Tavu Cloud
Multim Ltd
Isolinnankatu 24, 6. krs
28100 Pori

In the heart of Pori

Our office is located in the heart of Pori, Finland, right next to our datacenter. We stay always in alert to in case any issues arise and make sure your cloud will always be available.