Using Floating IPs in Tavu Cloud Panel


What are floating IPs?

Floating IPs are public static IP addresses that can be associated with your Instances. A Floating IP can be moved quickly between Instances which can help reduce downtime and add redundancy.

Note: Floating IPs can not be used simultaneously with public dynamic IPs because of networking conflicts.

As configuring your networks to work with Floating IPs can be difficult, we have written this tutorial to help you configure them.


Setting up your network

Step 1: Create a new network

Create a new network with the default settings. Make sure that the networks' administrative state is set to UP.

Step 2: Create a new subnet

Create a new subnet for the network you just created.

We recommend using the following settings for your subnet if you are not sure which settings to use. The subnet must have gateway enabled for it to work with Floating IPs. All of the settings below, except for the gateway, are the default settings for a new subnet.

Step 3: Create a new router

When creating the router, make sure External network is set to Attach to external network.

Step 4: Attach a new interface to the router

Attach a new interface to the router you just created.

A modal will open. Choose the network and subnet you created in step 2.

Step 5: Setting up your Instance

If you do not have an Instance yet, follow the directions in step 5.a. If you already have an instance, follow the directions in step 5.b.

Step 5.a: A new Instance

When creating a new Instance, uncheck the Attach to public network option and check the private network you created in step 1.

Step 5.b: An existing Instance

Go to your Instance's management page. From the networks tab remove any public dynamic IP addresses your Instance may have. It is also important to remove any private IP addresses that come from a subnet with a gateway. After you have done this, add a new IP address from the network you created in step 1.

Step 6: Reserve and associate a Floating IP

Reserve a Floating IP and click on Associate.

This will open a modal window. Select the Instance you want to associate this Floating IP with.

Step 7: Enjoy!

You have succesfully reserved and associated a public static IP address for your Instance!

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