We always recommend taking snapshots of your Instances to prevent any data loss. Snapshots can also be used to create new Instances, which can be used to create Instances with identical configurations. Creating Instances from snapshots can save you a lot of time when you need many multiple Instances with the same configuration.

Instance snapshots can be created in one of two ways in Tavu:

  • Through the Instance’s management page
  • Through the Snapshots index page

Through an Instance’s management page

From your Dashboard, click on the Instance of which you wish to take the snapshot of.

Next, from the Instance’s management page, click on the Snapshots tab and finally click on Take snapshot.

You should now see the snapshot being created.

Through the Snapshots index page

Alternatively, you can take the snapshot from the Snapshots index page. First, click on Snapshots from the left sidebar. Then from the Take a snapshot form, select the instance you wish to snapshot, and click on Take snapshot.

Thats it.